Margaret River

Perched all the way over on Australia’s most south westerly tip is Margaret River. A region that accounts for less than 5% of Australia’s wine production but is responsible for 20% of the premium wines and the lion’s share of awards. Probably best known as the region that produces some of the new world’s finest Cabernet, Margaret River specialises not only in red and white, Bordeaux style wines but the region is also gaining a reputation for premium Chardonnays that rival some of the best found in Burgundy. Deep Woods have scooped up a multitude of awards across their range, including five gold medals and a staggering 98 points awarded for their Reserve Chardonnay 2017. Nocturne’s 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon picked up three trophies including Best Red Wine of Show. Watershed make no secret of their list of accolades, their labels crammed with gold medals and trophies and all but one of Flowstone’s wines have been awarded 95 points or above. The list of awards given to this tiny area in Australia’s most isolated region is endless and it’s no wonder that Margaret River is dominating Australia’s premium sector.

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