Bordeaux is not only the most famous wine producing region in France but in the world, with the most prestigious châteaux and wines in the industry. Its history dates back to the Roman times and today is the largest producing region of fine wines. Vineyards in Bordeaux are known by châteaux and therefore the name of each individual château is an important brand. 

Many top wines are sold ‘En Primeur’ meaning that they are sold in the barrel prior to bottling. Almost 90% of the wine produced in Bordeaux is red (called ‘Claret’ in the UK) from over 8,500 producers. The main reason for the success of the wine production in Bordeaux is the perfect combination of climate, with long hours of sunshine ideal for ripening the grapes and well-draining gravel soil. Appellations are an important part of the Bordeaux culture and the region has 54 appellations recognized by the AOC, the Appellation d’Origine Controlle.

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