Louis M Martini

Louis Martini Napa Valley

After studying winemaking in Italy, Louis M Martini was established in 1922 during prohibition as a company focusing on the production of sacramental wine and concentrate for home winemaking, Louis Martini anticipated the end of prohibition and built a new winery in1933 in St Helena, just north of the town of Napa. Somewhat of a pioneer of Californian winemaking, he was one of the first to introduce cold, temperature controlled fermentation and the company continued to expand by purchasing land on the Sonoma side Mayacamas Mountains, later renaming it Monte Rosso Vineyard. This pioneering attitude began a new chapter in Californian wine production with a focus on advanced viticulture and vineyard-driven winemaking. The Monte Rosso vineyard, named because of its red, volcanic soils has become the source of some of their most sought-after releases. The vineyard is perched high in the Mayacamas Mountains, a thousand feet above Sonoma Valley and is responsible for the most renowned wines of their portfolio from grapes of an unmistakable character. They also own four other vineyards across Napa which constitute the bulk of their signature Napa Cabernet, Stagecoach, Sun Lake, Cypress and Thomann Station vineyards, each bringing its own character to the blend amounting in wines of staggering complexity.

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