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"Julian's wine show success (and the team he has led) have gold medals flying around the room like confetti, with trophies (including the biggest of all, the Jimmy Watson) equally plentiful. And most of all, he is universally admired and liked by all who have had contact with him and/or the great wines he makes."

James Halliday


Nocturne is the husband-and-wife partnership between recently-crowned Jimmy Watson-winner and James Halliday’s Winemaker of the Year, Julian Langworthy and his wife Alana who also owns and runs the Yallingup Cheese Company. We are proud to be the exclusive UK agent for Nocturne, which is a serious new venture producing single-vineyard wines from exceptional sites in Margaret River.

This is the region where Julian grew up and where he’s honed his winemaking skills. The pair are acutely sensitive to the best fruit sources in the region including their pride and joy, the newly acquired Sheoak Vineyard with its beautifully mature Cabernet vines. Both Julian and Alana are incredibly ambitious and highly skilled which will certainly manifest into Nocturne being some of the most sought-after wines coming out of Australia.

Julian is also the chief winemaker at Deepwoods Estate and is responsible for transforming the estate after his appointment to the position in 2011 and since then has been awarded a seemingly endless collection of gold medals and trophies gaining him a reputation that will cement his place as one of the greats of Australian wine-making.

The relationship that Julian has built up over the years with a network of growers across Margaret River allows him access to some of the regions very best sites and grapes. The Nocturne wine concentrate on very small production, site expressive, single vineyard wines from their own Sheoak vineyard for the Cabernet Sauvignon, as well as a single Chardonnay plot and Nebbiolo vineyard for their white and rose.

Both Julian and Alana are highly talented winemakers and have both achieved great things in their individual careers. The list of accolades awarded to Julian for himself as a winemaker as well as the Deep Woods wines puts him up their with some of the greats but this is only the beginning. In a relatively short time, the Nocturne wines have began to bring in the awards, winning three prestigious trophies for the Cabernet Sauvignon 2017.

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