Vidal Estate based in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand was started in 1905 by Anthony Joseph Vidal, a young emigrant from Spain. He was one of the first winemakers to appreciate the area and see the potential it had for growing vines, this coupled with his sense of adventure, passion and creativity saw the beginning of something sensational. Today Vidal Estate who are still situated on the original plot in Hawkes Bay produce elegant wines using traditional techniques coupled with modern technology. They focus on strong regional characteristics which given the location, diverse landscape and high temperatures is nothing short of delicious.

Vidal wines have featured in our portfolio for several years and we have been delighted with the consistent quality. More recently, we sampled their 'Legacy' range, which and to be perfectly blunt, were simply amazing – Perhaps some of the best wines we have sampled out of New Zealand for a very long time. Their awards and pundit scores are justified but nevertheless, quite difficult to take in when you examine them all in detail. We have never seen so many consistently, high-scoring wines from one producer and are over the moon to add these to our portfolio. Vidal was also recently named 'Winery Of The Year 2017' by Raymond Chan which, is quite the achievement.

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