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Issue: 83 / Sunday 15 September, 2019

Proudly introducing the new & exclusive Domaine Simha

Domaine Simha are creating a real buzz in the Australian, as well as the international wine scene, with their wines in demand among the world’s top sommeliers and the allocations very hard to come by. We are over the moon to have partnered with Domaine Simha and their explosively brilliant wines, which complement what is in our opinion, the finest collection of Tassie producers amassed under one roof, outside of Australia.

The story behind Domaine Simha is as exciting and vibrant as the wines themselves. Navneet Singh, the founder and the winemaker at Domaine Simha, developed many of his talents working at Burgundy‘s De L’Arlot in Nuits St Georges, the highly prestigious Château Le Pin and Vieux Château Certan in Pomerol and Château d’Yquem, Domaine Chandon, as well as five years spent at Moss Brothers in the Margaret River. Nav also has a host of qualifications which include both Viticulture and Oenology certificates from the University of Adelaide.Quite a resume, I’m sure most of you will agree!

Nav believes in a natural approach to winemaking, following biodynamic principles, paying careful attention to the harvesting dates, whole bunch and wild fermentations only using naturally occurring yeasts, basket pressing and bottling his wines unfined and unfiltered for purity and texture. The wines are made in tiny quantities and Nav works in micro batches, making just 2 to 3 barrels to ensure the wines are produced at the highest possible level of quality.

This meticulous attention to detail and devotion to quality manifests proudly in their superb wines, which both Stu and Magda enthusiastically refer to as “one of the finds of the year”. The world’s expertise follows suit - when tasted by the world’s 50 top sommeliers, Domaine Simha Pinot Noir was rated as one of the top 10 in the world and equivalent to some of the premium Pinot Noirs from Burgundy that they have been pouring for many years!

We are super-proud to present you with some of the most exciting wines produced in Tasmania today. All Domaine Simha wines arrived in our HQ early this week and all are now available for immediate delivery. These include three electrifying Pinot Noirs, each representing a unique style. The ‘Nature’ Pinot Noir indeed resembles a quality ‘natural’ style (without being a fashionable gimmick), the ‘Beauregard’ is crafted in clay amphora and ‘Rama’ crowns the range with incredible complexity. Last, but not least, is Simha’s flagship Chardonnay which strides for perfection. Stylistically, it is more flamboyant in comparison to other Tassie Chardonnays (like Sailor Seeks Horse, which showcases a wonderfully ethereal style), some will say it is reminiscent of a serious Burgundy.

We reached out to Nav and asked him in more depth to give us insights to the story behind creating Domaine Simha, how he creates these superb wines and what inspires him to constantly strive for perfection. These are truly special wines and we are confident you will love them as much as we do.

Enjoy, Team Vinorium


Up close and personal with
Nav Singh of Domaine Simha:
One of Tasmania's hottest exports


You’ve worked at several wineries in Margaret River, Burgundy and Bordeaux. Is there one region or winery that has had the most profound influence on you?

Certainly Burgundy. The reverence for their plot of land and the dedication they have shown tending it by hand for generations is inspiring. When working over four vintages at Domaine de l’Arlot, I was impressed by their approach to understanding each block and making wines which show their uniqueness.  We worked a lot with 100% whole bunch philosophy. This is a practice we now instil in our winemaking wholeheartedly. Combined with gentle foot pigéage, the wines give us beautiful perfume and fine tannin structure. Working in Pomerol at Château Le Pin, it was brilliant to gain firsthand experience in making a singular wine from just one hectare that was of such personality and standing in the world of wine.

You worked during the legendary 2010 vintage at Château Le Pin and Vieux Château Certan. Can you tell us a little more about this experience?

Most of my time was spent at Château Le Pin in 2010 and a few weeks at VCC.  2010 was undoubtedly one of the best growing seasons in recent years in Bordeaux. Dry, cool with ample sunshine, and cool nights made for a long ripening with great retention of acidity and a full spectrum of flavour development. There was great excitement in the cellars about the quality of the fruit at VCC. We made a range of styles from across Pomerol and Saint-Émilion, depending on the individual philosophy. There were great examples of balance and finesse.

Your wines have very minimal intervention and you also follow Biodynamic principles as much as possible. How does this approach enhance the wines?

Our approach is best described as Natural. We utilise lunar calendars to follow the different phases of moon for pruning, harvest and bottling. This gives real energy and expression to our wines. The idea of wine finding its own natural equilibrium is essential to our philosophy, to ensure we showcase a true sense of place. Wines are fermented naturally by the indigenous yeast that grows on the vines. We focus on texture and structure in our wines, building the frame of our wine around a core of pure, soft natural acidity that is unique to Tasmania. We are very gentle, using only our hands, and foot pigéage to delicately work the skins and leave the wine on lees to layer texture and perfume before basket pressing. We use exclusively demi-muid barrels (600L) and amphorae in the winery which give distinct textural components while allowing the fruit to shine.

Did you have a clear vision as to what you wanted to create with Domaine Simha or did it evolve along the way?

We had a clear vision and wanted to do wines which spoke about the vineyards. We have a very Burgundian approach, where all the cuvées are determined in the vineyard and there is no blending done in the winery.

You are known to work in “micro-batches,” producing only a few barrels at a time. How does this approach affect the quality of the wine?

Micro batches from a single vineyard make compelling wines because they are so clear in their provenance. This way we get to build the history and continuing story for each of the blocks and showcase personality driven through each vintage and its variations.

You describe your wines as avant-garde fine wine. Can you explain what you mean by this?

We aim to make wine of a quality that is akin to the best in the world with an approach that is holistic and feels authentic for us. We embrace a new wave of thinking where methods and styles are more free flowing and intuitive than the rigorous, technical approach of the past few decades. We focus on natural production and lo-fi methods so our wine can gain its own equilibrium within the environment. While it may be described as avant-garde, a lot of what we do is actually paring back to the oldest, simplest techniques to uncover that ethereal magic at the heart of the vineyard.

Have you taken any influence from your time spent in Burgundy?

Our approach is closely aligned with philosophies I learned working in Burgundy. We undertake 100% whole bunch for both white and red wines. It just feels right to honour and respect the vine by using all parts of the grape. We harvest by hand and wait patiently for natural fermentation with very gentle foot pigéage and a long time on skins. I believe lees are the life of the wine and leaving it on lees means it becomes one with the environment, so we don’t need to add any preservative throughout the winemaking process, save for a small amount right at the bottling stage. We are rewarded with wines of wonderful light and shade, showing great perfume and grace along with depth of flavour and structure.

Were you equally tempted to follow your experiences gained in Pomerol and work with Merlot/Cabernet Franc blends?

I was fascinated to see how Merlot can show very fragile, delicate beauty and characters akin to Pinot Noir when handled by the more refined makers of Pomerol.

What was it about Tasmania that made you want to produce wine there?

The cold climate landscape drew us to Tasmania. It’s a region where the terroir offers spectacular advantages in terms of some of the worlds most ancient vineyard soil and a long cool ripening season with little or no inherent environmental challenges. This allows us to make wine of the highest quality with natural methods and excellent acid foundations where we can just let it be. The ozone is quite thin over Tasmania and the southerly latitude means there are very long and intense sunshine hours. Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Riesling all shine immensely and show distinct provenance in different areas of Tasmania. For us, the Derwent Valley is a special terroir that reveals amazing flavour and nuance not seen anywhere else.

Your wines are made in tiny quantities and are constantly in demand by some of the world’s top sommeliers. Is demand now outweighing supply?

The idea for us is always to work with small quantities so we can manage and have full control over every aspect of production. With tiny quantities we have to be selective in where we offer the wines so they are really enjoyed by people who love them.

The single vineyard Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays are produced from fruit sourced from the Derwent and Coal River Valley sub-regions. Can you tell us a little about each site and how the fruit and wines differ from each?

Our wines are always single vineyard because the expression of terroir is most compelling for us. We work primarily with 3ha of old vines from a single grower in the Derwent Valley. The geology is unique with sedimentary rocks such as sandstone and basalt being the main components of the soil.

Our location above the Derwent river with high sunshine, low rainfall and flowing wind keeps pressure from frost and disease low. The wines show intense minerality and underlying power that is light on its feet. From time to time we find a special parcel from other rare sites across Tasmania which have a distinct personality. The Coal River Valley is a warmer, high altitude site with rocky volcanic soil.

We know that many producers in Tasmania source their fruit from growers. Is there competition between the producers to get their hands on the very best grapes?

There are a handful of amazing older established vineyards and it’s certainly about the relationships you forge. With few vineyards in Tasmania, there are many exceptional sites yet to be planted. It’s like the last frontier where everything is possible.

Is there a particular sub-region or site that you feel is especially superior?

After much exploration we sought out the Derwent Valley as the most exciting for our endeavours. We consider this an exceptional piece of terroir where we can make wines that are framed with purity and grace.

With so many winemakers sourcing fruit from the same sub-regions, how have you managed to ensure that your wines stand out?

We have our own individual style. We are guided by the fruit and what we feel is right each season. We align with the lunar cycles and employ a terroir-based focus. Everything is built around perfectly natural acidity that is unique to Tasmania, with the use of skins and lees to build perfume, texture and structure in large format vessels that let the wine breathe and evolve.

Were you inspired by any other winemaker or any wines that you’d tasted in the past?

So many inspirations. I love wines that produce emotion, that take me to a particular hillside or cellar and make me feel something. I enjoy elegant, cool climate styles that resonate with energy and minerality. I always look for interest and site-specific personality.

We’d love to hear in your words, about each range. How do they differ and what makes each so special?

DOMAINE SIMHA - Avant-garde fine wine – our finest expression of terroir.

AMPHORAE - Living wine relying on ancient knowledge and intuition. Energetic wine of expressive character and Lo-fi technique.

NATURE – Sheer, elemental nature.

This is the first time that your incredible wines have been offered in the UK, and exclusively by The Vinorium. How do you feel about the partnership with us?

We look forward to an enduring partnership with The Vinorium as they show a genuine appreciation for artisanal method and our wine. We would love to come and support you in the trade in the near future. This is the first time we have distributed to the UK and would love to see the wines succeed for you.

Kind regards, Nav.


Domaine Simha Rao Chardonnay 2017

Graceful Chardonnay woven with whispers of new French oak.

Luminous pearls shining by moonlight Crocus flower, lemon, oyster shell, almond milk, cashmere and the soft kiss of powdered snow.

METHOD NATUREL:  Cool climate single vineyard origin: Derwent Valley Tasmania 42.6°S Handpicked on a fruit day on the full harvest moon Whole bunch pressed, wild ferment en new demi-muid Matured for 12 months sur lie Bottled unfined and unfiltered with perfect natural balance.

£44.50 per bottle
or £209.10 per case of 6 IB


Domaine Simha Rama Pinot Noir 2017

Adventurous Pinot Noir shaped by terroir and season

NATURE:  Enchanted forest Plum blossom, tuberose, ylang ylang cherry, wild mushroom, spun silk powerful depths, adventure.

METHOD NATUREL: Cool climate single vineyard origin: Derwent Valley Tasmania 42.6°S Handpicked on a fruit day after the harvest moon Whole bunch wild ferment with gentle Pigéage Matured 12 months en seasoned demi-muid Basket pressed, bottled unfined and unfiltered with perfect natural balance.

£44.50 per bottle
or £209.10 per case of 6 IB


Domaine Simha Beauregard Amphora Pinot Noir 2016

Energetic Pinot Noir crafted in clay amphora.

Living wine relying on ancient knowledge and intuition. Energetic wine of expressive character and lo-fi technique. Domaine Simha Amphorae wines are crafted in white clay fermentation vessels. Derived from the cosmic golden ratio, the ovoid shape promotes a gentle passive convection current. Wine is energised by constant motion and naturally maintains a stable temperature. Micro porosity allows wine to breathe and evolve over time. Intricate geometric patterned Amphorae labels reference the exquisite architectural beauty of jali screens carved in stone.

NATURE: Lionheart, rosehip, red currant, wild raspberry, grains of paradise, earthenware, heroic courage.

METHOD NATUREL:  Cool climate single vineyard origin: Derwent Valley Tasmania 42.6°S Handpicked on a fruit day after the harvest moon Wild ferment in clay amphora 90 days on skins, matured 6 months sur lie.

Basket pressed, bottled unfined and unfiltered with perfect natural balance.

£36.95 per bottle
or £171.35 per case of 6 IB


Domaine Simha Nature Pinot Noir 2018

Pinot Noir shaped by terroir and season. Sheer, elemental nature. A story of terroir; five clones from across a single Derwent Valley vineyard make this a complex, aromatic, spicy style.

Raspberry, spice, bushland perfume, riberry, musk. Unbridled and fresh with fine, rounded tannins.

METHOD NATUREL: Cool climate single vineyard origin: Derwent Valley Tasmania 42.6°S Handpicked on a fruit day after the harvest moon Whole bunch wild ferment with gentle Pigéage 2 months on skins, matured 12 months in old demi-muid basket pressed, bottled unfined and unfiltered with perfect natural balance.

£34.95 per bottle
or £161.35 per case of 6 IB

View all domaine simha wines

Exciting new arrivals now in stock
& available for delivery

With pre-orders fulfilled, the remainder of our new wines are now offered for express next-day delivery. The highly-anticipated wines include two other Tasmanian gems - Sailor Seeks Horse and Mewstone / Hughes & Hughes (which halved in size after we picked all pre-orders) – as well as new introductions from Wild Duck and Hoddles Creek.


Wild Duck Creek
Sparkling Duck 8 NV

Exclusive to The Vinorium

• The lees are left in bottle for 24 months prior to being disgorged.

• At disgorging, the wine is liquered using
Fortified Duck for added complexity.

• In Australia, sparkling shiraz is a traditional Christmas tipple.


95 Points - Campbell Mattinson (The Wine Front) "Disgorgment in May 2017. This is produced from wine going back to 1993 with fortified wine from 2014 in the mix. I always forget that this exists though this one should keep it more in the forefront for me…

Delightful expression and so very vivacious. Clean as a whistle and with very vigorous bubbles, zingy acidity, flavours and scents of stewed berry fruits, a touch of chocolate whipped away on orange zestiness and spikes of clove and cinnamon. Complex yet incredibly drinkable. So much going on. What a brilliant wine."

Sparkling Duck is a multi-vintage wine bottled to express an array of complex fruit characters and textures, from lovely primary fruit to earthy rounded fruit that only comes from long term barrel ageing. Every two years, Sparkling Duck is blended using two Sparkling base stock puncheons that have been developing over many years with two puncheons of younger Shiraz of Springflat quality. The two older barrels are then refilled using the blended wine, and the remainder is tiraged for secondary fermentation in bottle. The lees are left in bottle for 24 months prior to being disgorged. At disgorging, the wine is liquered using a small amount of our Fortified Duck for added complexity. Usually finishing at about 15.0% alcohol, Sparkling Duck is a wine fit for any celebration.


In fact, we had to plead to Liam for a few cases, as this is one wine without which our Aussie friends cannot celebrate Christmas! As you can imagine, the demand is huge. However, we were kindly offered a tiny allocation, most of which was pre-ordered shortly after we announced it on our website. As such, only a measly 
24 x bottles remain…

£36.50 per bottle


Wild Duck Creek White Duck 2018


• Superb expression of Rhône varieties grown in Australia

• Outstanding value

• Drinking now, with a good cellaring potential of 5+ years

"Made through the blending of Roussanne and Viognier, White Duck is full of texture and vibrancy. Fermented in 500L French oak barrels, it shows a lovely fusion of typical varietal characters. The Roussanne providing earthiness, roundness and fresh natural acidity, and the Viognier filling the palate with stone fruits and texture."

£16.95 per bottle


Wild Duck Creek Springflat Shiraz 2016

• The original flagship wine from Wild Duck Creek

• A wine you will be instantly engaged with, from the first taste

• It has an extremely long finish and will continue to provide pleasure for many years to come


93 Points - Mike Bennie, The Wine Front "Big, heady, dark and powerful red wine. Scents of clove, mint, cocoa powder, ripe plums. Supple, soft, decadent in the palate, molten tannins that pucker to close, a heady, rich, charismatic wash of chewy, dark plummy fruit, sweetness, ground nuts and cocoa powder again. A huge wine but in its stride. Good stuff."

£30.00 per bottle


Our collection offers a rare showcase of the impressive ageing potential of Springflat Shiraz. Why not try one of our museum releases?

Wild Duck Creek Springflat Shiraz '04, '05 & '06

£34.95 per bottle


Paul and Gilli’s story encapsulates an image of both romanticism and achievement, being brave enough to pursue a dream, bringing a derelict, long-forgotten vineyard back to life and dedicating themselves to an unrelenting pursuit of quality. Winning the Jimmy Watson Trophy for work they’d done at a neighbouring vineyard, they are both highly skilled winemakers with a wealth of experience, an acute ambition and precise attention to detail. Their hard work and dedication has resulted in the incredibly exclusive, tiny production of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, that has gained them a list of accolades, along with a reputation for producing some of Tasmania’s most highly sought after wines.


• Miniscule production

• Tensile, unfurling and simply breathtaking wines

• Ethereal balance and gracefulness is their hallmark


Sailor Seeks Horse Chardonnay 2017

98-99 points Stuart McCloskey "Marine, saline, oyster shell with touches of green apple, orchard flowers and a lovely streak of minerality on the nose. The palate is medium-bodied, bright, alive with a slight chalkiness. There’s a lovely fabric to this wine. Tightly knit with subtle fruits interwoven with a tension which I find difficult to express in words. More a sense of completeness. The simplicity is quite breathtaking and rare to find these days.  Tensile, reserved and unapologetically a personal expression of Paul & Gilli who are obsessed with producing wines which they love, rather than following fashions. I believe this to be one of those wines which will create much argument. Those edging toward flamboyance may show disdain, whereas those wishing to seek out ethereal balance and gracefulness will be swooning. I would argue this must be one of the greatest exponents of Australian Chardonnay I have come across and cannot wait to see how this individualist wine unfolds over the coming years. Regardless of which camp you stand in – May I suggest you, at the very least, try a Tassie Chardonnay which flirts with perfection (if only once). Decanted for 20-30 minutes and served using Zalto Bordeaux glassware (as essential as the wine!)"

£44.50 per bottle


Sailor Seeks Horse Pinot Noir 2017

98+ Points Stuart McCloskey "The aromas waft from the glass with consummate ease… Touches of smoked, grilled meat, redcurrant, liquorice, dried orange rind, blood orange, spice (black pepper & cinnamon) and rose hip. Very Burgundian. The palate is medium bodied with tannins as long and fine as one could imagine. As with their Chardonnay – This wine shows an amazing level of control. Not a millimetre is out of place. The fruit conveys a cool-climate, saline elegance which is far from sparing. Unfurling, charming, precise and certainly built for the cellar (5-10 years). There are two Aussie Pinot Noirs which I go to and this is one… Such is the brilliance, Paul & Gilli should pay Burgundy a tutelage visit. For now, I award 98+ points but I believe this will increase over the coming years. This is a fantastic Pinot Noir and a benchmark against which other Aussie wines should be measured. Decant for one hour and serve using Zalto Burgundy glassware"

£44.50 per bottle


2019 Wine Companion Awards 'Best New Winery of the Year'

2018 Young Guns of Wine 'Best New Act' Jonny Hughes


Mewstone is the premium label from brothers Matthew and Jonathan Hughes with all fruit being sourced from their own vineyard in Flowerpot. We often speak of small allocations however, Mewstone take it to another level. Regrettably, these amazing wines cannot be offered for general sale and will not be available at our portfolio tasting on the 28 September.  

Hughes & Hughes is another range from brothers Matt & Jonny, which allows them to experiment with a slightly more unconventional approach, and be more daring with their winemaking methods, combining various techniques that they discovered on his travels. This range includes an exciting ‘15% Whole Bunch’ Pinot Noir and a superb ‘Barrel & Skins’ Sauvignon Blanc - 60% barrel fermented and 40% skin fermented for two weeks. Take our word when we say this is a serious, incredibly textural and simply delicious Sauvignon Blanc, which will challenge those who believe Sauvignon Blanc to be one-dimensional. Perhaps the leading example to convert even the most stubborn!


Mewstone 'Hughes & Hughes' Sauvignon Blanc Barrel & Skins 2018

Fruit from a single vineyard in the Coal River Valley, 60% barrel fermented after a 4 hour skin soak, 40% skin fermented for two weeks and pressed to oak, all natural yeast, partial malolactic ferment while maturing on lees. Bottled unfined and unfiltered.

£22.95 per bottle


Mewstone 'Hughes & Hughes' Pinot Noir 15% Whole Bunch 2018

Sourced from a single vineyard in the Derwent Valley, one puncheon from MV6, two puncheons from the mixed clone ‘home’ block, naturally fermented with 15% whole bunches in barrels, no plunging or pump overs, pressed to and matured in oak, 33% new, for 7 months. Bottled unfined and unfiltered. 1848 bottles produced.

£26.95 per bottle


Mewstone 'Hughes & Hughes' Pinot Noir 2018

Mike Bennie, Wine Front - "Has an amazing, fruity aroma, full of detail, cherry and maraschino, sweet spice, raspberry liquorice, some jubey notes. Screams great drinking. Juicy and bright in the palate, more of the sweetish cherry fruit to taste but crisp acidity and a feathery web of tannins works well. Flavoursome yet fresh, leaner style but high drinkability. Yes thanks."

£22.95 per bottle


Mewstone 'Hughes & Hughes' Riesling 2018

Fruit sourced from vineyards in the Derwent and Coal River Valley, picked at approximately 12 baume, destemmed, crushed and soaked on skins for 4 and 16 hours respectively, slowly fermented in stainless with GHM yeast, stopped when sugars and acids found balance and matured on lees. Bottled unfined and filtered.

£19.95 per bottle

Flagship Mewstone 3-pack

1 x Mewstone Chardonnay
1 x Mewstone Pinot Noir
1 x Mewstone Riesling

£112.85 per 3 pack

2018 Mewstone Chardonnay: "Grapefruit and white floral aromas are supported by hints of stone fruit, citrus and cedar. Underlying reduction adds a savoury dimension. The palate walks the line between rich and refined, generous but taut. Our earliest pick to date, vintage began on 23rd March in our Chardonnay block. Whole bunch pressed directly to barrel and naturally fermented followed by full malolactic fermentation. Aged in oak, 40% new, for nine months and bottled in late summer. Only 792 bottles and 24 magnums produced." - Winemaker

2018 Mewstone Pinot Noir: "Blue fruits and earthy aromas are complemented by great tannin structure. Red fruits and subtle reductive notes make for a wine with poise, complexity and structure that will continue to develop with time. The two pinot blocks were picked individually on March 23rd and April 2nd. The top block was then naturally fermented with 40% whole bunch, the bottom block with 20% in our old milk vats. These were pressed after 20 days on skins to oak, 40% new, and matured while undergoing malolactic fermentation. They were racked and sulphured prior to bottling in late summer. Only 3036 bottles and 72 magnums produced."- Winemaker

2018 Mewstone Riesling: "White blossoms and ripe citrus make for a seductive nose, the cool site is reflected in the great acidity on display. A medium dry style, the sweetness balances the racy acidity and refreshing bitter twist. A rich mouth filling style perfectly suited as an aperitif. Picked on April 8th, the fruit was destemmed, crushed and left to soak for 24 hours. Pressed to old oak and naturally fermented. As the cellar cooled in late autumn so too did the ferment. Fermentation extended out beyond six weeks before we called a halt as the sugars and acidity found their balance. Matured on lees through to late spring before filtering and bottling. Only 1128 bottles and 60 magnums produced."- Winemaker


Hoddles Creek

Our range is now complete with the addition of the superb Single Block wines, separated from Hoddles Creek’s own sites to highlight their outstanding qualities.

Hoddles Creek PSB Pinot Noir 2018

Top Rated Pinot Noir at the 2020 Halliday Wine Companion Awards

97 Points - Wine Companion "From a single close-planted block. It's fragrant, pretty, powerful and statuesque at once. The quality here is considerable. Deep with plum, boysenberry, mint and red cherry fruit flavour, though crackles of spice, wood smoke and mineral all make important contributions. Tannin, what beautiful tannin. We're into the upper echelons of quality here."

£35.95 per bottle


Hoddles Creek Syberia Chardonnay 2017

• Located on the steepest, highest block at Hoddles Creek

• Only the best barrels are selected for this cuvée

• In Franco’s own words: “From the day the vines were planted,
Syberia has always been a special block.”

97 Points - Gary Walsh (The Wine Front) "Struck match, lime, grapefruit, almonds, chicken stock, flickers of cool green. Fine and composed, surges through the mouth, grips on tight, and doesn’t let go. So long. Flint, chalk, crunch, texture, subtle bitterness. It’s all here. It’s very Adult Chardonnay. Racy. A nudge and wink to those in-the-know. Outstanding."

£35.95 per bottle


Hoddles Creek Roadblock Chardonnay 2017

• New single block wine for Hoddles Creek Estate

• Sourced from a cool block facing East, it only sees the morning sun

• Cellaring potential – it will age gracefully for 7-10 years

95 points - Campbell Mattison (The Winefront) "Fabulous chardonnay. The cup runneth over. Slick, spritely, satiny and sustained. There’s flavour, there’s finesse, there’s a flourish to the finish. Lemon, lime, a sorbet-like aspect, nectarine and white peach, with a classy clip of spicy-sweet cedarwood oak. There’s almost a bacony aspect here, a smoked meat note, rosemary even, though it’s exquisitely pure of fruit. Potential for positive development is huge."

£35.95 per bottle


New Estate Wines

Hoddles Creek Estate Pinot Gris 2018


Incredibly exciting wine... After making Pinot Gris conventionally since 2002, Franco was fed up and decided to try something different. Instead of trying to take the colour out of the wine, he essentially treats Pinot Gris like a red wine, allowing contact with skins while foot-stomping bins of fruit in a rather traditional manner. Worry not, this is far from an experimental wine, as the Estate Pinot Gris has beenproduced this way since 2013 and the results are stunning!

Mike Bennie (The Wine Front) "A wine that proudly shows the colour of the grape, asserting that texture, detail, structure and complexity are a by-product of thoughtful winemaking with pinot gris. ‘Whole bunch fermented’ says a sash on the label now too.

It’s a tightly wound expression, slender in shape, refreshing with tangy acidity, fragrant in red berry and floral perfume, though flavours are a touch washed out in the fray. That being said, the chalkiness to texture, the chew and bite of skinsy fruit personality, and the general ease of drinking, all play a part in ‘recommendation’ here. It’s a paired back release this year, more ‘Provencale rose’ than Radikon Kisi, but the drinkability and general sense of deliciousness is all there."

£18.95 per bottle


Star for outstanding value

Hoddles Creek Estate Pinot Noir 2018

Gary Walsh (The Wine Front) "Red fruits, hazelnut and spice, floral perfume. It’s light and perhaps a diffuse, at least as a young wine, but does deliver flavour, fine emery tannin, mouth-perfume, with a savoury autumnal finish of good length. Almost certain to build complexity and depth."

£17.95 per bottle


Current sales – ending soon


Clarendon Hills Hickinbotham Cabernet Sauvignon 2007
(Case 6x75cl)

95 Points – Stuart McCloskey
"The Hickinbotham forms part of Clarendon’s Grand Cru Classification and is just starting to come into its drinking window. That said, this will provide pleasure through to 2025 and beyond. Old vine (50+ years) Cabernet Sauvignon offers an incredible array of aromas. Cassis, blackcurrant, blackberry and chocolate dominate the nose whilst an intoxicating combination of cedar, tobacco and liquorice flood the palate – Pauillac-like and utterly delicious."

Was £198.00

Now £102.00

Clarendon Hills Liandra Syrah 2003 (Case 12x75cl)

94 Points – Stuart McCloskey
“As Robert Parker declared “Roman Bratasiuk is one of Planet Earth’s greatest winemakers”. Yes, the 03 Syrah is full-bodied however, Clarendon Hills is all about purity, the expression of terrior and vintage variation. With over a decade in the bottle the wine is now displaying wonderful meaty and smoky bacon fat characteristics along with ripe black fruits and a touch of pepper.”

Was £432.00

Now £300.00


Clarendon Hills Blewitt Springs Grenache 2003 (Case 12x75cl)

95 Points - Robert Parker "The exotic, full-throttle, high velocity, mouth-staining, unctuously textured, dense ruby/purple-hued 2003 Grenache Old Vines Blewitt Springs is classic southern Australian Grenache. Pushed to the limit, but not over the top, it is a spectacular wine."

Was £359.00

Now £185.00


Clarendon Hills Brookman Merlot 2005 (Case 6x75cl)

93 Points – Jay Miller (robertparker.com) – “Sourced from a 65-year-old vineyard, it is opaque purple-colored with an expressive perfume of toasty oak, mulberry, blackberry, black raspberry, and chocolate. Layered, rich, and thick."

Was £117.00

Now £80.50