Issue #156, June 2021


Odds and sods...

I shall start with a little housekeeping and a shipping / delivery roundup: Regrettably, but not a surprise, uninsured wine deliveries to the EU continue to move at a glacial pace with DHL, DPD, Parcelforce and the like offering no updates. Quite frankly, it is clear they have no appetite to dip their toes in which, and I say this with a huge sigh, is perfectly understandable given the technical and almost impossible assault course they must navigate. The EU are doing a fabulous job of making life impossible (as we anticipated) with each country imposing their own quota of ‘allowed’ alcohol to be delivered to the consumer. Italy, for example, has capped their quota at 1 litre per delivery, which is silly. One customer placed an order for two bottles of Standish wines. Given the limitation, each bottle must be sent on a separate order / delivery – each delivery costing £123.00, double the bottle price. Understandably, the order was cancelled. In fact, I believe we have sent just two to three orders to the EU since 2021 commenced. We anticipated 1,000+ orders for the year (hopelessly foolish to believe that the UK and EU would grow-up and behave like adults!) Today, I do not believe we will be able to offer an ‘uninsured’ service this year. If the stupidity continues, which is inevitable, we will seriously consider operating The Vinorium (EU office) out of Belgium with our full collection available…

International shipping continues to frustrate with some wine countries severely affected – shipments out of the USA are taking two to three months longer than 2020. Getting a slot on a vessel (out of Australia) is now a little tougher – we are being told to expect a 2-4 week wait. Combine the long shipping journey with problems at the UK ports and we do not expect to see our orders for 12-16 weeks. Despite June just starting, we are being forced to consider all Christmas wines now. The biggest frustration lies with our normal shipper, Hillebrand who are arguably one of the world’s largest and leading wine specialists. Their Australian office and the team there are a dream to work with however, their UK office is simply appalling. Their service has gone from good to poor, to intolerable. Every shipment is delayed in the UK, and often by 2-3 weeks. Their excuses (more lies if truth be known) has made working with them impossible. We have parted company and are far from being on the best terms. We are not alone as many other merchants / importers are communicating the same problems. One shipper, Wineflow, are now enjoying the benefits from Hillebrand’s continued failings however, and to accentuate the scale of the problem, they have stopped taking on new customers as they cannot keep pace. Luckily, I have a great relationship with one of the team who has kindly accepted our new account. We are shipping a full container out of Adelaide later this month.

For now, we must endure Hillebrand who are in possession of lots of high value wine however, they are either midway across the pond or have arrived at the UK port. The new collection from Glaetzer-Dixon (I cannot wait to share Nick’s sensational Sur Lie Chardonnay with you all) and JC’s Own (including one of my favourite white wines; Freestyler) should be making their way to our HQ warehouse next week. We have three pallets from Gemtree with an ETA into port set for 6 June. A full, 20 foot container is filled with the 2019 Utopos collection which should be docking on or around the 23 June. At the current rate, all shipments take 2-3 weeks to clear before we can dispatch. Frustrations aside, we have a raft of amazing wines for you all…

We are shipping six pallets from Two Hands which includes the new, and full Garden Series, Single Block wines including Yacca, Dave’s, Holy Grail, Secret Block and a new one, Waterfall Block. We are also shipping their special project named Love Over Gold Estate - The name Love Over Gold comes from this spectacular property as the vineyards have been lovingly planted over historic goldfields in Eden Valley. Please feel free to view their website.

Our final 2019 order from Standish fills the remainder of the container. We are shipping two pallets of Standish The Standish (one pallet has been sold) and one pallet of The Relic. 96 six packs fills a pallet (if you were curious). Sadly, Dan has sold out of The Schubert Theorem (our stocks are super low) and the situation with Lamella remains unchanged. We will be shipping wines from a new producer, Little Reddie (epic Bannockburn Chardonnay) and the new collections from Soumah, Mulline and Shadowfax… We have a raft of samples to get through and many from high profile producers (perhaps some very exciting news to announce later this month!).

Domestically, the decision to move from DHL to DPD was the correct one to make (for us all). That said, the delivery success rate of 96.9% is not what both DPD and The Vinorium are aiming for. We have 100% success rate from our HQ to their local depots, but then a 3% drop off from depots to you. We should be hitting 99% and that’s what we will work towards. How are you finding our new packaging? They are sturdy and to meet with our eco credentials (being a Carbon Neutral company) they are biodegradable (great for your home compost heap). We had planned to switch over to paper tape in January however, there has been a supplier shortage (we have waited six months for samples). We are trialling the new tape now, and if all goes to plan, we will be switching over very soon.

What is the situation with Zalto? Our order of three pallets sits patiently in the queue – we hope to receive our order late July / early August.

How is life and business at The Vinorium? Thankfully, my team and I remain safe and well. Most of us have received our first round of jabs with only Magda (the baby of the team) yet to be vaccinated. This provides me with the perfect opportunity to introduce Dan or Diggers as many call him. Dan has joined the team from a leading supermarket and has taken full control of our HQ warehouse. His taste in music is appalling however, our warehouse looks fabulous. Our shop is slowly starting to unfurl and looking more like a shop, than a home for pallets of wine. It will take a few months to get it looking respectable – we plan to open the doors to you all during September.

It’s been fascinating comparing lockdown figures to 2021 sales. Website order numbers have increased (Jan to end of May) by 5% however, quarter one increased by 34.8% whereas, we saw (and quite frankly expected) a drop of 22% for the months April and May. Quarter two of 2020 was the height of online shopping as the UK endured a long lockdown – we saw sales increase by 116% compared to the same period 2019. We do not expect to match the volume of online orders for this quarter however, and what is fascinating (despite the significant reduction in the number of orders) is the total sales value for April and May 2021 is higher than the same period 2020. The average order for the month of April 2021 grew by £101.81 which is significant…

We have enjoyed 611 new customer orders for the year to date whilst maintaining a private customer base of some 3,000. We have also sold out of 189 different wines / glassware since the start of 2021 with many more joining this list in the coming days. Magda and the team have kindly prepared a full list of ‘soon to be sold out’ wines which you can find below… I am genuinely saddened to see one of my favourite Chardonnays, JC's Own Lobethal join the list along with, and after several wonderful years, my favourite 2015 Eileen Chardonnay. Only six cases remain from the original purchase of 137 cases.

I shall revert next week with a full summary (post your questionnaires) and my notes / thoughts following the Cabernet Sauvignon comparative tastings which I thoroughly enjoyed courtesy of Wine Australia.

Until then, keep safe and well...




Taking our customers by storm
JC's Own Lobethal Chardonnay Adelaide Hills 2019

97+ - 98 Points - Stuart McCloskey “There is so much to like about JC’s new release; texturally the wine is on point for me which is a direct result of the wine being aged on the lees for 18 months. Bottling without fining or filtration adds another layer of textural interest. The bouquet expands with ripe apples, poached pear, Florence fennel, a little salinity, confit lime and minerality. I recommend some time in a decanter which will help the perfume to expand. Warming ginger creeps through. JC prefers to have fun with his wines however, there is a serious edge to this one. Medium to full-bodied, expansive and oozes generosity. There’s an oxidative character which I really enjoy – the textural grip, firm structure and vein of acidity are fabulous. It’s refreshing to see an Aussie winemaker producing a Chardonnay which exudes character. I am tired of sampling fashionably shy, limp and searing acidic wines. For me, this is as ‘texturally’ perfect as a young Chardonnay gets. There is tangible mineralité character which works tunefully with zips of lemon, lime, a light spicing and oxidative orchard fruit. The way the flavours fan out on the finish is delightful – the length is super impressive. The sculpted, textural personality makes this one of the top Aussie Chardonnays of 2020 / 2021. Sold out domestically (no wonder) and I believe we are the only ‘physical’ stockist.’ Do not overchill. Drink from now to 2030. Served using Zalto Bordeaux glassware.

98 Points – Magdalena Sienkiewicz "Always lots of joy bottled under JC’s labels. The perfume is vibrant and complex, abundant in orchard fruits and orange marmalade. The aromas build in the glass as the wine aerates revealing a graceful vein of minerality and beeswax. The palate is equally compelling. On entry, zesty citrus and juicy yellow peaches open up before the show is stolen by cascading confit lemons, minerals and ginger with a dusting of warming spices. JC’s wines are packed with intrigue and vivacity, which I absolutely love. The Lobethal Chardonnay is no different – it is exciting, beautifully textural, grippy and full of charisma. Stunning! Sampled using Zalto Bordeaux glassware without decanting."


Launched only in March, we are down to our last 26 bottles.

We asked Jaysen for more however, with a total production of 1,206 bottles – it had inevitably sold out...


£27.50 per bottle

JC's Own Bluebird Grenache 2019

Jaysen Collins (winemaker) - I always get mesmerised when I see a flock of birds floating and drifting in the wind. It brings a sense of freedom and joy to me. I knew the bluebird is the symbol of happiness so I had a concept for the label – I just needed the wine!

So with this idea floating about in my head, I set out to make a great drink that brings a true sense of delight. I found an east facing vineyard in the shallow soils of the Adelaide Hills that just gets the morning sun – no baked flavours here. I got rid of the stalks and just fermented this as whole berries. Just before coffee in the morning and after a cold beer in the afternoon I quickly give it a plunge by hand, nothing too serious or strenuous. It’s bottled early to catch the brightness I’m looking for, meaning it’s dangerously drinkable whenever you need a pick me up.

£21.50 per bottle

14 bottles remain

JC's Own Ferine Grenache 2018

Jaysen Collins (winemaker)  - "I love Grenache, I love its versatility and its drinkability. I was mostly drawn to getting involved with the process and leaning to more textural, structured and savoury versions. Then one day I got to thinking, what about just doing nothing and let the grapes do the work.

So I chucked a few bins of hand-picked Grenache grapes into a tank with a bit of CO2, sealed the lid and came back several weeks later. When I lifted the lid I was hit with a whole lot of gassy funk, but in a really good way. It was wild and feral but mostly intoxicating. So for a few weeks after I just jumped on top of these bunches, breaking them up, in real terms to build structure, but mostly to get lost in the ferine like smells that filled the air."

£21.50 per bottle

8 bottles remain

JC's Own Rock: It GSM 2017

Jaysen Collins (winemaker) - "I grew up across the road from a famous old school winemaker who was known to be one of the best blenders of his generation. So for years I followed this ideal in the wines I was making. For a hands off winemaker, you actually feel like you are doing something. One day pondering life, the universe and everything I thought about why I hadn’t challenged this notion. Grenache and friends work well together – I’ll just pick them within a few days of each other, chuck it all in one fermenter and let the ferment rock it in its own way. So my theory is that the different varieties bring something complimentary but they also bring something individual – so equal but opposite reactions in the ferment. I then remembered my high school physics and worked out it’s actually the same way a rocket works. Go figure."

£28.95 per bottle

3 bottles available

View all JC's Own Wines

JC’s Own is the solo venture of Jaysen Collins, also loved by our customers for his awesome work at Massena. Drawing on his experience, Jaysen has an inherent ability to seek out wonderful nuances - his wines are incredibly charismatic, distinct and never predictable. Apart from exploring vineyards in Barossa Valley, Adelaide Hills and even USA, Jaysen has also been actively involved in restoring many of Barossa's forgotten old vines. 

Click here to read Jaysen's thoughts on the importance and the magic of Australia's old vines.


Superb Pinot Noirs – Almost Gone


Dr Edge Pinot Noir Tasmania 2018

96 Points - James Halliday "This wine comes from vineyards with MV6 and/or 115 clones, and was whole berry open-fermented with the exception of some whole bunch and/or carbonic. Ethereal spice, flower and berry aromas lead into a relatively light-bodied palate, with flawless line, length and balance; a juicy red fruits finish."

was £39.95 
now £30.75 per bottle

31 bottles remain


View all Dr.Edge Wines

'Dredgy' as he has always been known as to his friends, has had an incredible career starting out at Petaluma in Adelaide Hills which is where he gained the nickname Dr Edge. His wines have become a cult icon of Tasmanian wine and his releases are eagerly anticipated.

Domestic following is incredibly strong with his annual release selling-out soon after its launch. So much so, we are the only wine merchant, outside of Australia who has access to his collection…

Click here to read our in-depth look at Dredgy's collection.


Hoddles Creek PSB Pinot Noir 2018

Top Rated Pinot Noir - 2020 Wine Companion Awards

95 Points - James Halliday "From a close-planted single block of MV6 and Pommard clones. A fragrant, fresh armful of red berries. It's the length of the wine that arrests most attention, although it is accompanied by depth to its blood plum fruit. As usual, Hoddles Creek Estate punches above the dictates of a difficult vintage."

£35.95 per bottle

7 bottles remain

Eastern Peake Intrinsic Pinot Noir 2006

Owen Latta (Winemaker) "Dream season! Easy year in the vineyard with no pressure on to get anything done great quantities per acre. Amazing grapes.

15% whole bunch indigenous yeast and no adjustments. 12 months in 4-10 year old barriques. From the get go this wine was ready to roll and has made heads turn. It has aged gracefully and is singing its song loud at the moment."

£35.95 per bottle

18 bottles remain

Hughes & Hughes Pinot Noir 15% Whole Bunch 2018

Wine Companion - Best New Winery of The Year 2019

95 Points - Campbell Mattinson "Squeaky clean yet laden with character. Stalk, spice, nut and leaf matter notes steer a savoury course but the core of cherry-berry flavour is bright, juicy and ripe. The fundamentals are covered, the flair is then applied. Dry, herb-flecked tannin tethers the finish to the future."

Sourced from a single vineyard in the Derwent Valley, one puncheon from MV6, two puncheons from the mixed clone ‘home’ block, naturally fermented with 15% whole bunches in barrels, no plunging or pump overs, pressed to and matured in oak, 33% new, for 7 months. Bottled unfined and unfiltered. 1848 bottles produced.

£26.95 per bottle

14 bottles remain


Also close to selling out...


House of Cards The Black Jack Malbec 2018

97 – 97+ Points - Stuart McCloskey “I love the beetroot black colour – it’s so appealing I want to don my swimming trunks and jump in. This is unlike any young Malbec I have sampled and certainly one of the finest Aussie examples I have ever tasted. The nose is wonderfully brooding with pen ink, charcoal, iron ore, cold steel and dark, fruity chocolate. If I dare say, I draw similarities to Standish wines, albeit in a cool climate vein (I support this by the depth, complexity and similar aromatics).  The palate is beautifully textured, which is a clear hallmark. The tannins are plush, velvety and the acidity fine. There’s plenty to appreciate and respect. The black fruits are graphite tinged and remain forever on the palate – I detect a little verve from blood orange. This is truly outstanding – it genuinely is. Decanted for 5 hours and served using Zalto Bordeaux glassware. Drink now and / or cellar for 10+ years”.  

97+ Points – Magdalena Sienkiewicz "Deep colour and oozing perfume filled with dark fruit, graphite and pen ink. I love the aromatic lift of plums and mocha, while its rich minerality is simply intoxicating. The palate is broad and expansive, awash with dark fruit and mineral intensity. Tannins are remarkably silky smooth. There is a cheeky zing of citrus on the super long finish, which completes the wine beautifully. So much charisma. The Black Jack Malbec is a deeply impressive wine which I expect will continue to evolve beautifully in the bottle for at least a decade. Sampled using Zalto Bordeaux glassware following five hours of decanting."

£28.95 per bottle

14 bottles remain


View all House of Cards wines

House of Cards are 100% organic and arguably, they are some of the best value wines you will find in Margaret River.

Click here to read our exclusive Q&A with the founders,
Elizabeth  & Travis Wray.


Gemtree Wines Small Batch Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

97++ Points - Stuart McCloskey “This is powerful and grown-up with a brooding bouquet which does take time to develop. Deep, deep, deep aromas of blackcurrant, blackberry, liquorice, Indian ink, bay leaf, clove and the sweetest of spices..."


£29.95 per bottle

5 bottles remain

Hobbs Gregor Shiraz 2015

96 Points - Joe Czerwinski ( 
"The grapes are picked a bit earlier than those for the 1905 Shiraz and then air-dried on racks before being crushed and fermented. Scents of smoke and black pepper emerge on the nose of this fantastically concentrated elixir. It's full-bodied and unabashedly rich, with notes of cracked pepper, chocolate and dark fruit supported by silky tannins and a long finish. It should drink well for a decade or more."

£59.95 per bottle

5 bottles remain

After Five Wine Co Single Vineyard Blend Serata 2017

Craig Stansborough “The Serata was really the main reason why I planted the two Italian varieties in the first place, to produce our version of a Super Tuscan. I always enjoyed the complexity of those wines and the idea that there were no boundaries. I had a hunch the natural acidity and the tannin would lend itself to blending with Shiraz and we have been so pleased with the results."

£26.95 per bottle

10 bottles remain

After Five Wine Co. Montepulciano 2018

Craig Stansborough (Winemaker) “Vibrant colour, complex aromas of dark cherry, fennel seed, plum, herbs oregano and thyme. A powerful wine that delivers a crunchy lively textural palate showing fine tannin that is very consistent across the palate and natural acidity that drags fruit to the very back of the palate, all the elements that this variety delivers."


£22.95 per bottle

6 bottles remain

Aussie whites


Eileen Hardy Chardonnay 2015 (Case 6x75cl)

"Just magnificent and for me, the best Chardonnay in our portfolio."

99 Points - Stuart McCloskey “Personally, I feel this is becoming more extraordinary with each passing year. I could write a short book on the bouquet alone, which is hedonistic, breathtaking and takes you on the most magical of journeys. Where to start? Honeyed liquid minerals, wet stones, saline / ocean spray, sweet pastry spice, candied lemon, lemon oil, white flowers (honeysuckle), creamed hazelnuts, anise and buttered white toast in the background. The palate feel is powerful and the amplitude and depth astonishing. The poise, detail and balance are equally exceptional, all adding to a sense of being in the presence of a world class wine, which you are… The fruit is sourced from three cool climate regions; Tasmania, Yarra Valley and Tumbarumba – The Tassie fruit providing wonderful lift and refinement. The utterly extraordinary palate offers immeasurable layers of minerals, stones, sweet, buttered spiced orchard fruit. It’s glossy, silken, almost too perfect as sensations go. A bright line of acidity carries to the core, providing intensity and above all, perfect balance. Oiliness is emerging which adds more fullness and dimension. This wine possesses one of the longest and purist finishes I have ever encountered from an Aussie Chardonnay – the spiced buttered finish held together with grippy acidity is simply magnificent and continues for minutes. Value aside, certainly one of the best white wines I've enjoyed in the past 3-5 years. I feel compelled to give it the highest possible score however, I will resist as I believe a further five to ten years in the cellar will provide absolute perfection. This is just the beginning… Served at circa 13 degrees (cool garage temperature will be perfect) and using Zalto Bordeaux glassware. Important note: The temperature and your glassware choices are critical.”

**Available for delivery from Tuesday 22nd June**

was £179.70
now £169.50 per case (6x75cl)

6 cases remain


Domaine Simha Rao Chardonnay 2017

99 Points - Stuart McCloskey “Grand Cru Burgundy in its structure, complexity and certainly, one of the most intense Australian Chardonnays I have tasted. The bouquet is heavenly scented with buttered citrus, sweet pastry, buttered popcorn, lemon oil, beeswax and wafts of sea spray. Just incredible. The palate is full-bodied, powerful, texturally perfect with a depth beyond the fathoms - Montrachet in all its magnificence. The finish is super-long, luxurious with wonderful hints of minerals...”

£44.50 per bottle

6 bottles remain

Vinden Estate Reserve Semillon 2015

2021 Best Semillon Wines - Wine Companion Awards

Gold Medal – Sydney International 

Wine Show Gold Medal – Hunter Valley Boutique Wine Show 

96 Points - James Halliday "Vines planted '69 on fine clay-loam soil, the juice fermented with fine solids, extended lees contact before bottling. Full to the brim with flavours in a lemon circle."

£26.95 per bottle

14 bottles remain

Wild Duck Creek White Duck 2020

95-96 Points – Magdalena Sienkiewicz "55% Roussanne and 45% Viognier fermented in 500L French oak barrels. The perfume begins with a floral lift accompanied by fleshy, white nectarine, pear and spiced apple. Admirers of floral driven whites from the Rhône Valley will find much delight in the generous and highly aromatic style of the White Duck."

£17.95 per bottle

16 bottles remain

Flowstone Sauvignon Blanc 2013

96 Points - James Halliday "Hand-picked from a single vineyard in southern Margaret River, whole bunch-pressed, fermented in used oak barrels and one new 600l demi muid, 11 months maturation in oak followed by 18 months bottle maturation. Gleaming straw-green, it has the hallmark complexity and depth to its fusion of tropical fruit with cashew and toasty oak."

£25.00 per bottle

2 bottles remain

Superb Rieslings


Hutton Vale Farm Riesling 2017

97 Points - Magda Sienkiewicz "It has evolved beautifully since we took possession in late 2019. The aromas have developed with lanoline, light petrol, rich citrus and honeyed pears. The perfume is truly luxurious and the palate bursts with deliciously ripe citrus and candied orange peel, a little sweetness mid palate and a streak of minerals drives the wine to a dry finish (not bone dry)."

£17.95 per bottle

6 bottles remain

Hughes & Hughes Riesling 2018

Wine Companion - Best New Winery of The Year 2019

95 Points - Campbell Mattinson "From the Derwent and Coal River Valleys. It's both intense and textural with effortless acidity and gorgeous length. Orange oil, lemon, fennel and honeysuckle flavours put on an exotic show. It will of course age but there's significant pleasure to be had right now."

£19.95 per bottle

8 bottles remain

Glaetzer-Dixon Überblanc Riesling 2018

95 Points - Nick Bulleid MW (Gourmet Traveller) "The 2018 GDF Uberblanc is fascinating. The nose is full, with ripe stone fruits and a hint of savoury. It’s unusually full bodied for riesling, with savoury phenolics building weight. The flavours expand through the mouth and linger well on the finish. Rich, almost chewy, palate with a real tang to the finish. Great stuff.”' 

£20.50 per bottle

3 bottles remain

Pooley Wines Riesling 2018

Gary Walsh (The Wine Front) "There’s a little bit of Tassie meets Rheinhessen about this wine, or that could just be me. Floral, ripe green apple, a little fennel and assorted stony stuff. It’s ample in flavour, and texture, crushed rock texture, again the lilting mouth-perfume, firm acidity, though it’s not sour or raw. Finish is long, replete with texture and pretty green apple. Excellent."

£21.95 per bottle

13 bottles remain

New Zealand


Valli Vineyards Gibbston Pinot Noir 2017

97 Points - Sam Kim (Wine Orbit) "A profound pinot; the captivating bouquet shows dark cherry, blueberry, violet, cedar and game characters with a hint of dried herb note. The palate is concentrated and weighty, while remaining poised and refined, backed by velvety mouthfeel and fine tannins. Gracefully powerful and alluringly seductive. At its best: 2019 to 2030."

was £42.50
now £40.50 per bottle

9 bottles remain

View all Valli Vineyards wines

"Sophisticated, comforting and stunning"
Sam Kim


Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc 2019

17 Points - Jancis Robinson "Very slightly reductive, struck-match nose and extra-bright fruit with strong passionfruit aromas and a certain amount of delicacy. Chalky finish. Lots of interest here. Very youthful and energetic indeed. Complimenti!"

£15.50 per bottle

6 bottles remain

Pegasus Bay Virtuoso Chardonnay 2016

Neal Martin, Vinous "The 2016 Virtuoso Chardonnay, God forbid, actually brought to mind a Meursault Village from Coche-Dury on the nose (yes, it is that good!). There is a touch of reduction here, but it is well managed and does not impede fruit expression. The lightly spiced palate is very well balanced, with a honeyed opening and touches of hazelnut, almond and sesame, leading to an intense finish that lingers in the mouth. Brilliant."

£32.95 per bottle

14 bottles remain

Pegasus Bay Aria Late Picked Riesling 2016

95 Points - Bob Campbell "Luscious riesling with obvious honeyed botrytis influence together with peach, ripe apricot, spice and anise flavours. A delicious wine that can be enjoyed as an aperitif or with moderately sweet desserts."


£23.50 per bottle

14 bottles remain

Vidal Legacy Syrah 2014

International Wine Challenge: Gold 2017

98 Points - Sam Kim, Wine Orbit "A wine of total seduction, the gloriously perfumed bouquet shows dark plum, blueberry, floral and game with nuances of cedar and black pepper. The palate is powerful and sumptuous, and delivers waves of delectable fruit flavours, enhanced by velvety texture and loads of supple tannins. Compelling and formidable, while remaining pure and true to its origin. From their Omahu Gravels and Twyford Gravels vineyards in the Gimblett Gravels district. At its best: 2018 to 2032."

£34.50 per bottle

21 bottles remain

Dry River Lovat Syrah 2009

Bob Campbell "Deep, intense wine with strong pepper/spice and oak supported by dark berry with hints of floral characters. Quite firm tannins give a drying and almost bitter chocolate finish. Powerful syrah with great cellaring potential."

£49.95 per bottle

4 bottles remain

Dry River Lovat Syrah 2011

Bob Campbell "Dense, vibrant and youthful Syrah with raspberry, black pepper, violet, leather and cigar box flavours. Powerful and slightly edgy wine with a structure of fine tannins and gently tangy acidity. Will age well."

£49.95 per bottle

13 bottles remain



High scoring & hard to come buy


Quilceda Creek Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

99 Points - Jeb Dunnuck "The flagship is the 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon, 100% Cabernet Sauvignon mostly from Champoux with the balance from Palengat and Wallula vineyards. Crème de cassis, graphite, black licorice, unsmoked tobacco, and hints of chocolate and emerge from this beauty and it continues to gain depth and nuance with time in the glass. Full-bodied, deep, and layered with an incredible purity and elegance on the palate, it's already accessible but has more than enough tannin, depth, and balance to evolve for two decades or more."

£181.95 per bottle

8 bottles remain

Anthill Farms Harmony Lane Pinot Noir 2018

94-96 Points - Antonio Galloni "The 2018 Pinot Noir Harmony Lane is one of the most complete, arrestingly beautiful wines I have ever tasted from Anthill Farms. Dark, rich and unctuous, the 2018 possesses notable depth and yet it remains translucent, nuanced and super-expressive."

£48.50 per bottle

3 bottles remain

Anthill Farms Baker Ranch Pinot Noir 2018

94-96 Points - Antonio Galloni "The 2018 Pinot Noir Baker Ranch is another stellar wine in this range from Anthill Farms. Exotic spice, star anise, blood orange, mint, incense, and succulent red cherry notes all run through the 2018. Deep, dense and creamy, with tremendous fruit richness."

£45.50 per bottle

17 bottles remain

Anthill Farms Anderson Valley Pinot Noir 2013

Winemaker "With this Pinot, we look to create a food-friendly, nuanced wine that represents the unique character of the Anderson Valley. Somewhat remote from most of Northern California’s wine-growing districts, this valley shelters a surprisingly harmonious blend of the wild and the civilized: in one vista, one can see sheep ranches, redwood groves, apple orchards, and impenetrable oak scrub."

£35.50 per bottle

23 bottles remain

View all Anthill Farms wines

Anthill Farms was launched in 2004 by partners Webster Marquez, David Low and Anthony Filiberti who all previously worked at Williams Selyem. The trio are deeply committed to producing handcrafted, high quality, cool climate single vineyard Pinot Noir, Syrah and Chardonnay sourced from vineyards in Northern California.

Most wines are produced in minuscule quantities and are offered via their mailing list members in spring. Outside of their mailing list, a small amount of wine is released every year to local restaurants, wine shops and a tiny amount is exported (thank the Lord!)


Paul Lato "Le Souvenir" Sierra Madre Chardonnay 2016

95 Points - William Kelley ( "From one of the oldest vineyards in the Santa Maria Valley, Paul Lato’s superb 2016 Chardonnay le Souvenir Sierra Madre Vineyard reveals attractive aromas of yellow orchard fruit, citrus zest, peach and honeycomb. On the palate, it’s medium to full-bodied, with more textural glossiness than the Belle de Jour, underpinned by bright acids and concluding with an intense, chalky finish."

£75.95 per bottle

3 bottles remain

Paul Lato "East of Eden" Pisoni Chardonnay 2016

97+ Points - Jeb Dunnuck "Coming from a terrific site located at the southern end of the Santa Lucia Highlands, the 2016 Chardonnay East of Eden Pisoni Vineyard boasts phenomenal notes of ripe citrus and white peach fruits, white flowers, and freshly crushed rocks. It's clean, incredibly pure, and elegant on the palate, with a level of tension and vibrancy you don't find too often in the vintage. It's a brilliant Chardonnay from Lato that’s going to benefit from a year or two of bottle age and age gracefully for a decade or more. Don’t miss it!"

£92.25 per bottle

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Paul Lato "Atticus" John Sebastiano Pinot Noir 2016

96 Points - Jeb Dunnuck "From a site on the eastern side of the Sta. Rita Hills and aged in 50% new French oak, the 2016 Pinot Noir Atticus John Sebastiano Vineyard offers a very pretty, perfumed style. Red cherries, red plums, rose petals, and blood orange notes give way to a medium-bodied, ethereally textured, seamless 2016 that has some background oak, a layered, ultra-fine personality, and a great finish. It's going to age beautifully. Again, this is easily the most ethereal and seamless in the lineup and shines more for its nuance and elegance than power or richness. Drink it any time over the coming decade."

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Having worked in Canada’s finest Michelin star restaurants as a leading sommelier, Paul’s knowledge of fine wines is only matched by his passion and intrigue to craft wines of excellence and place.

Encouraged by Jim Clendenen of Au Bon Climat, his first wines sought serious attention from international press. Paul quickly rose to fame, with top chefs seeking out his wine to make exclusive bottlings for their restaurants. His wines are available in minute quantities, drawing consistently impressive reviews. A superb interplay of power and elegance, as well as great ageing potential of Paul's wines continuous to gain respect from sommeliers and enthusiasts around the world.


Cristom Vineyards Estate Viognier 2016

The 2016 Cristom Vineyards Estate Viognier exhibits the pure, and nearly textbook, characteristics of this varietal, with aromas of orange blossoms, honeysuckle, clover, and anise as well as the ripe fruit aromas of peach, apricot, and lychee. Slightly viscous on the palate, with bright and mouth watering acidity that support the fruit structure of the wine, it is well integrated and perfectly balanced.



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DuMol Eddie's Patch Syrah 2012

95 Points - Robert Parker "The 2012 Syrah Eddie’s Patch (a 410-case, 100% Syrah aged 18 months in 40% new French oak hogsheads) comes from 16-year-old Syrah vines. Aromas of bouquet garni, roasted meats, blackberries and blackcurrants soar from the glass of this blue/black-colored Syrah. Full-bodied with olive tapenade notes, sweet tannin and an expansive, multilayered mouthfeel, this fabulous Syrah should be drunk over the next 12-15+ years."

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Exclusive interview 

We spent time (lots of time) with Erin Larkin – the highly regarded wine writer, judge, regional taster for the Halliday Wine Companion and a regular contributor to the Halliday Wine Companion Magazine.

Erin’s video about the new 2019 Standish collection is excellent too - well worth a watch.


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